Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boost Your Career With a Doctorate in Business Administration

A doctorate in business administration degree (or DBA) would prepare students to take up a long and rewarding career. Upon graduation, there would be the opportunity to take up a senior position in the corporate world, or begin a role as a researcher or teacher in academia.
The actual courses that would be completed would depend upon the student's chosen career track and these can include accounting, finance, strategic planning, modern communication practices, ethics, international relations, and organizational theory. Prior to graduation, there would be the need to complete and defend a research project or thesis which would have to be unique in nature.
To gain admission into this type of doctorate program, there would in all likelihood by a requirement to have completed a bachelor's honor in a related subject, and perhaps even a master's degree. Eligibility criteria do vary dependent upon the school and faculty, and certain institutions may accept applications from potential students who have many years of hands on experience in industry in lieu of previous academic success.
Today, there is the option of enrolling for an online doctorate in business administration. Such programs have a number of inherent advantages when compared to attending traditional brick and mortar schools. For instance, students can often choose to complete the tasks that are set at a time of their own choosing, therefore allowing them to continue with a career at the same time. Also, an online study program is a great choice for those people who live in a region of the country where they are too far from an institution of higher learning or are unable to find a suitable program of their choice from a local university.
If you do have an interest in studying remotely, make sure you locate a online program that is accredited by a recognized accrediting institution. There are some online schools which are fake.
Prior to enrolling in any doctorate in business administration degree program, it is important to compare the curricula from a number of different institutions. You should consider what area of specialization would best match your career goals, for example, finance or marketing etc.
Though earning potential is not always the driving force for choosing to take part in higher studies, it is the case that graduates holding a PhD are able to command the highest salaries. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial mangers with higher level qualifications earned a median income of $90,000 in 2009. It is predicted that there will be a growth in opportunities for holders of doctorate degrees in business administration at a rate of around 13% up until 2018.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Business Administration School and Career Training Options

Many business decisions need to be addressed in a managerial fashion. Businesses have to be able to control situations and provide the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Learning how to work with employees and executives to maintain a certain level of professionalism and office harmony is available inside a business administration degree program.
Schools provide students with all the necessary knowledge to work directly with a business by serving as an administrator. This can entail performing many duties. The most notable tasks include:
  • Organizing staff
  • Creating a financially sound business
  • Working with staff to manage and resolve concerns
Colleges and universities dedicate whole programs to this area of study because students have to learn to work with a business in two main ways. Business and administrative skills work together to prepare students to enter a career as a business administrator. These two aspects provide students with specialized knowledge on how to not only understand a business but lead one.Education in business administration is obtainable from the associate's to doctorate level of study. Entry-level careers as assistants and sales managers can be acquired by gaining an associate's or bachelor's degree. In order to get into mid-range or executive managerial positions students need to continue education at the graduate level. Earning a master's degree or a doctorate provides students with the most opportunities in the workplace.
In order to gain a certain level of leadership inside the business environment students need to begin education at the bachelor's degree level. Programs are dedicated to teaching students how to handle job responsibilities inside the complex business world. Concentrated courses work to develop skills in:
  • management
  • decision-making
  • accounting
  • marketing
...and more. Students that enter a master's degree program develop strong leadership skills that are needed to effectively change a business environment. To become top leaders schools provide doctor of business administration degrees.To create effective leaders in business, schools concentrate on providing students with the right instruction to help them demonstrate their abilities in the workplace. Traditional campus learning centers on providing students with the knowledge of how to identify and bring about change in organizational problems. In order to begin the process of change administrators have to be able to develop, maintain, and motivate employees. This is done so the work place runs smoothly and everyone including executives are working towards the same goal. Students take many classes in order to correctly manage a business environment. Courses can include operations management, corporate finance, and business law.
Accredited business administration schools offer education that prepares student to succeed inside the workplace. The first step to entering a desired career is finding the right school and program.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ace in the Competitive Business World With a Doctorate in Business Administration

Having a post-graduate diploma will be a very significant and beneficial move for anyone who wishes to be on top his career. However, considering the tough schedule that every budding entrepreneur has to face, most experts in the field find it hard to pursue a PhD degree with the amount of tasks that they are faced with in the workplace. In this case, the advent of online PhD degrees make it more convenient for any entrepreneur to pursue further studies in Business Administration without the pressure of attending regular formal classes in universities. Instead, he will submit every requirement and seek help from mentors through the help of the internet. This enables the employee to concentrate on both work and study periods at the same time.
An online PhD degree in Business Administration will provide a professional the skills that he needs to be equipped of in facing the challenges that the corporate world will give him. The online option is primarily filled with research-based courses and concepts in which an employee can apply what he has learned in his degree and what he has learned in his entrepreneurial practice. Nowadays, more and more business schools are opting for applied practice rather than full theoretical research. In the UK, two of the universities which offer the best programs in Business Administration are the University of Liverpool and Heriot Watt University. Anyone who would like to spice up their competence is wise enough to undergo online PhD courses in the best universities in UK.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Doctor of Business Administration - DBA - The New MBA?

Did you know that the US produces over 90,000 MBA graduates per year? And that the UK, the second largest producer, produces over 10,000 MBA graduates per year? Perhaps you signed up for an MBA thinking it would make you special but have found that in reality nearly everyone you work with also has an MBA? Indeed it could be said that the MBA has become a victim of its own success. No longer is the MBA a passport to promotion and financial success - it is now the minimum entry qualification for the company.
In a poll by the Association of MBA's 1300 respondents suggested that the reason they took an MBA was as follows: To obtain a business qualification (82%); To improve job opportunities (79%); For Intellectual stimulation (70%); To increase salary (67%) To obtain general skills (64%); To change career direction (61%); and, To increase self-confidence (52%). Unfortunately many graduates will discover that the chances of increasing their salaries or improving job opportunities upon graduation will not be realised. Indeed the substantial costs associated with taking an MBA has to be written off since companies will not see the MBA as a particular advantage over experience or other qualifications.
Enter the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). The DBA is a professional qualification that is designed to enable practitioners who already have a postgraduate degree such as an MBA to extend their learning and make a contribution to the body of knowledge of their practice area. Since the DBA is a practical course that requires candidates to research an area of business practice it is usually offered as a part time course for practising managers.
What is the difference between a DBA and a PhD? The DBA is a doctorate designed for experienced professionals based on the research of managerial issues. In contrast the PhD emphasises the development of new knowledge and theoretical perspectives. The DBA is a widely recognised qualification equivalent in standing to a PhD. As LJM University state, "Put simply, a PhD makes a contribution to knowledge whilst a DBA makes a contribution to knowledge in practice, in both cases this being new knowledge." According to the University of Surrey in the UK, "The DBA is right for today's business world. It is often better received in business than a narrow PhD Doctorate. This is because the approach is broader and the thesis takes a practical subject as its basis for the research study."
Typically a DBA is undertaken in two stages. The first is the taught component consisting of a number of business and research methodology modules designed to help the candidate develop both in-depth business knowledge and an understanding of the research process at the doctoral level. This stage can take one to two years and the candidate is usually required to produce and defend a research proposal. The second stage is the research component during which the candidate is required to produce a piece of original research with an emphasis on applied knowledge within the work environment. This can take between two to four years. Some institutions allow candidates to produce three separate papers rather than one thesis, the three papers being bound together and submitted for assessment as one piece of work once completed. The bound work is then sent for external examination and viva (defence). A successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the contribution that their research makes to management practice.
The DBA is offered by many universities around the world. However, when choosing a course it is important to ensure that it is from a recognised university - look for accreditation from European organisations such as EQUIS and EDAMBA, or from the American AACSB. The application process will usually involve the potential candidate completing an application form and research proposal. The proposal will ensure that the university can supervise your area of business practice, an important consideration if you work in a highly specialised field. It should also demonstrate that you have a basic knowledge of the research process. Candidates should already have an MBA or equivalent business Master's degree and be able to demonstrate that they have experience of management at a senior level, or substantial professional experience. Non-native speakers of English would normally be expected to have an IELTS level of 7.0 or equivalent.
The DBA is therefore a natural progression for those who have completed their MBA. It builds on the foundation of an MBA and adds much more. It is exclusive and very few managers have one. As a result the Doctor of Business Administration is set to replace the MBA as the 'must have' qualification in corporate life - and unlike the invisible MBA, it allows you to put 'Doctor' on your business card! What better way to stand out from the crowd?

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