Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boost Your Career With a Doctorate in Business Administration

A doctorate in business administration degree (or DBA) would prepare students to take up a long and rewarding career. Upon graduation, there would be the opportunity to take up a senior position in the corporate world, or begin a role as a researcher or teacher in academia.
The actual courses that would be completed would depend upon the student's chosen career track and these can include accounting, finance, strategic planning, modern communication practices, ethics, international relations, and organizational theory. Prior to graduation, there would be the need to complete and defend a research project or thesis which would have to be unique in nature.
To gain admission into this type of doctorate program, there would in all likelihood by a requirement to have completed a bachelor's honor in a related subject, and perhaps even a master's degree. Eligibility criteria do vary dependent upon the school and faculty, and certain institutions may accept applications from potential students who have many years of hands on experience in industry in lieu of previous academic success.
Today, there is the option of enrolling for an online doctorate in business administration. Such programs have a number of inherent advantages when compared to attending traditional brick and mortar schools. For instance, students can often choose to complete the tasks that are set at a time of their own choosing, therefore allowing them to continue with a career at the same time. Also, an online study program is a great choice for those people who live in a region of the country where they are too far from an institution of higher learning or are unable to find a suitable program of their choice from a local university.
If you do have an interest in studying remotely, make sure you locate a online program that is accredited by a recognized accrediting institution. There are some online schools which are fake.
Prior to enrolling in any doctorate in business administration degree program, it is important to compare the curricula from a number of different institutions. You should consider what area of specialization would best match your career goals, for example, finance or marketing etc.
Though earning potential is not always the driving force for choosing to take part in higher studies, it is the case that graduates holding a PhD are able to command the highest salaries. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial mangers with higher level qualifications earned a median income of $90,000 in 2009. It is predicted that there will be a growth in opportunities for holders of doctorate degrees in business administration at a rate of around 13% up until 2018.

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